Warning : Flashy Content, if you are epileptic or sensible to luminous flash, do be careful

Hurl your fists in rhythm to slay your enemies. Be careful to not be lost to the contrasting colour and the complexes rhythms you will encouter !

Arrow Keys to punch with the matching colours

The Web Build has less visual content, try the windows/mac build for a better experiences !

Made with love and fast clicks in 6h (or at least 3h and some minutes), for the #102 Trijam (theme : Contrast), by :

@Somnyr : Graphist

@Horace_As_A_Dino : Programming

@MiamLesChocapics : Sound and Music


ColoRhythm-3h.zip 20 MB
ColoRhythm.zip 28 MB
ColoRhythm.app.zip 28 MB


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Nice challenging game, I always appreciate the zen mode when you get a good flow with the music.