A downloadable game for Windows

Play with the Micro's and throw them to the wall, they'll squick some noises ! 

This is a little playground to make music with physics. The Micro's will play a melodie as they bounce on the wall, and will sing later the results in loops.

Move the sliders to create more Micro's ! 

Drag and drop them with the mouse

R to reload the scene

Escape to quit

Made for The Trijam 96# edition, made in 3h30 !

We wanted to add a restriction for ourself by making a soundtoy, hope you'll enjoy it !

Horace Ribout : Programming

Jules Feydy : Sound Design


v5h :  Version of the game made in 5h. With more visual feedback. Play it if you want a more complet experience !


MicroBeat.zip 29 MB
MicroBeat-v5h.zip 29 MB

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